V. Vale

(San Francisco, United States)

After graduating in English from Berkeley, he began to hang out at the famous bookshop and publishers City Lights Bookstore/Publishing in San Francisco, founded by the poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg later helped him establish his own publishers in 1977: RE/Search Publications.

RE/Search Publications has published approximately forty magazines, as well as books, CDs, videos and interviews with writers for his local TV channel, Channel 29.

Described by the Washington Post as the "Studs Terkel underground", V. Vale has published four books about J.G. Ballard; one each on William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin and Throbbing Gristle; and he has edited Modern Primitives; Incredibly Strange Films; Incredibly Strange Music Vol. I and II; Angry Women; Industrial Culture Handbook; Pranks I and II; etc. He is the author of numerous articles and has appeared at conferences around the world.

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