Nora Catelli

Critic and Professor of Literary Theory at the University of Barcelona.

A lecturer in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature at the University of Barcelona, she has published numerous essays on European, American and Argentine literature with studies on the work of George Eliot, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Virginia Woolf, Joseph Conrad, Franz Kafka, Gertrude Stein, José Lezama Lima, Rómulo Gallegos and Juan Benet inter alia.

She has published the books El espacio autobiográfico (The Autobiographical Space, 1991), in which she examines the latest trends in literary theory and its relations with the genre of memoirs; El tabaco que fumaba Plinio. Escenas de la traducción en España y América: relatos, leyes y reflexiones sobre los otros (The Tobacco Pliny Smoked: Translation Scenes in Spain and America: Stories, Laws and Reflections on Others, 1998), which was co-authored with Marietta Gargatagli; Testimonios tangibles. Pasión y extinción de la lectura en la literatura moderna (Tangible Testimonies - Passion and Extinction of Reading in Modern Literature - 2001, winner of the 24th Anagrama Prize for the Essay); "Literatura y literariedad" (Literature and Literariness), which appeared in the jointly-authored work Teoría literaria y literatura comparada (Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, 2005); and La era de la intimidad (The Age of Intimacy, 2007).

She has written as a literary critic for newspapers (La Vanguardia, El País) and reviews (Quimera, Revista de Occidente, Letra Internacional and Archipiélago, and also Punto de Vista and Diario de Poesía, the latter two publications being based in Buenos Aires).

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