Silvia Grijalba

A novelist, poet and essayist, she is director of the Spoken Word and Music Festival Palabra y Música and has also directed seminars on poetry and rock, counterculture and pop culture, notable amongst which are the annual sessions of Rock Poetry in Malaga.

She has published the novels Alivio Rápido (Fast Relief, 2003) and Atrapada en el Limbo (Trapped in Limbo, 2006) while, as a lyricist, she has written songs for Ricardo Teixidó, Justo Bagüeste and Susana Cáncer. She was also co-lyricist of the disc Lo Eterno es lo que más dura (The Eternal Lasts Longest) and El Futuro ya no es lo que era (The Future's No Longer What It Was) by Javier Colis and Las Malas Lenguas, a group in which she also plays the theremin.

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