Marcel Beyer

(Tailfingen/Württemberg, Germany, 1965)
© Jacqueline Merz

He is a writer, publications director, translator and music critic.

He became established as a novelist in 1991 with Das Menschenfleisch, a book which was followed by The Karnau Tapes (1995), which is still recommended reading at German schools today. This novel, about the methods of the Nazis and based on the figure of Hermann Karnau, shows his interest in contemporary German history. This is also reflected in Spies (2000), a novel whose action kicks off during the bombardment of Gernika. A translator of English and Estonian and critic for the music magazine Spex, he is also the author of several books of poems, including Erdkunde (2002), an exploration of the European east.

Since 1996 he has lived in Dresden. The non-fictional Aurora (2006) is his most recent book.

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