Jorge Ferrer

(Bauta, Cuba, 1967)

Jorge Ferrer graduated in Journalism from the University of Havana. He studied Social Communication at the Institute of International Relations in Moscow, where he lived for ten years. He has been resident in Barcelona since 1994.

He has published two books: the essay Tristán de Jesús Medina. Retrato de apóstata con fondo canónico. Artículos, ensayos, un sermón (2004) and the novel Minimal Bildung. Veintinueve escenas para una novela sobre la inercia y el olvido (2001).

He has also had work published in numerous magazines and contributed to various editorial and artistic projects, such as Paideia y Banquete. He has translated foremost Russian writers such as Vasili Rozanov and Vladimir Sorokin into Spanish.

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