Joaquín Felipe Spada

Joaquín Felipe Spada was born in Barcelona in 1962. He has worked as a delivery boy, travel agent, journalist, messenger and office clerk, always with his head full of his three obsessions: music, food and girls. He was an active mod from 1980 to 1988, but his interest is now theoretical. He believes in God and is sceptical about everything else, himself included. Front man in varying degrees of Los Canguros (1986-1988), Los Fresones Rebeldes (1995-2001) and Cola Jet Set (2001-present day), among others. He is the author of a book of memoires for Ediciones Chelsea, ¿Eso dije? ¡Dios mío! (2013) and, before he dies, hopes to learn to surf, speak German and play keyboards, and write another book.

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