Joan Subirats

(Barcelona, 1951)
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Professor of Political Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), specialises in public policy and social exclusion and also democratic management and innovation. He was director of the Institute of Government and Public Policy at UAB and has been a visiting professor at the universities of Rome-La Sapienza, Berkeley and Georgetown. He writes regularly for such media publications as the newspapers El País and La Vanguardia. He has also written and edited several books including Elementos de Nueva Política (Elements of New Policy – CCCB, Barcelona 2003), Análisis y gestión de políticas públicas (Analysis and Management of Public Policy – Ariel, 2008), Del Xino al Raval (From Red-Light to Raval – Hacer, 2008), Participación y calidad democrática (Participation and Democratic Quality – Ariel, 2009) and Autonomies i Desigualtats a Espanya: Percepcions, evolució social i polítiques de benestar (Autonomy and Inequality in Spain: Perceptions, Social Evolution and Welfare Policies, Institut d’Estudis Autonòmics, 2011).

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