Joan Daniel Bezsonoff

Writer, author of Un país de butxaca (A Pocketsize Country, Empúries, 2010) and Una educació francesa (A French Education, L’Avenç, 2009)

Joan-Daniel Bezsonoff i Montalat (Perpignan, 1963)

One of the most widely recognised Catalan-language writers of North Catalonia, he teaches in Perpignan and has also lectured at the Catalan Summer University in Prada. He made his debut as a Catalan-language writer with the story “Els ànecs del Mekong” (Ducks of the Mekong), which appeared in Perpinyard (El Trabucaire, 1995), and the novel Les rambles de Saigon (The Promenades of Saigon – El Trabucaire, 1996). He has published regularly ever since and also writes for the newspaper El Periódico and the reviews L’Avenç and El Temps. His most recent publications are Un país de butxaca (A Pocketsize Country – Empúries, 2010) and Una educació francesa (A French Education – L’Avenç, 2009), in which he undertakes an autobiographical exploration of his Catalan and French roots. He is a staunch defender of languages without a state, especially Catalan and Occitan, and so-called minority cultures.

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