Javier Calvo

(Barcelona, 1973)
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Barcelonan Javier Calvo (1973) is one of the country’s best translators, as well as being one of the most promising literary talents at home and abroad. Recognition of his talent was consolidated with the Biblioteca Breve 2012 Prize for El jardín colgante (Seix Barral, 2012), the continuation of Corona de flores (Mondadori, 2010). Calvo also wrote the novels Mundo maravilloso (Mondadori, 2007, finalist in the 7th Novela Fundación José Manuel Lara Prize) and El dios reflectante (Mondadori, 2003), as well as the short narratives Suomenlinna (Alpha Decay, 2010), Los ríos perdidos de Londres (Mondadori, 2005) and Risas enlatadas (Mondadori, 2001). His novels have been translated into English, French, German and Italian. Calvo also occasionally writes for the press.

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