Francisco R. Klauser

Francisco R. Klauser, research fellow and member of the Institute for Hazard and Risk Research at the University of Durham, graduated in Social and Economic Science from the University of Geneva specializing in Geography, and is Doctor Honoris Causa in Human Geography from the University of Fribourg. His principal lines of research are security and airport border control, security at mass sports events, the imaginary geographies of risk and theorizing human territoriality. One of his major publications is Die Videoüberwachung öffentlicher Räume. Zur Ambivalenz eines Instruments sozialer Kontrolle (Video surveillance of open space. The ambivalence of an instrument of social control, Campus, 2006). Klauser is a media figure who has written articles for newspapers such as 24 Heures and Neue Zürcher Zeitung about the effectiveness of video surveillance and its influence on the private sphere, a theme on which he gave some 30 lectures between 2002 and 2007. He defends the non-use of cameras in the work place and an increase in policing bodies as opposed to video surveillance.

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