Fabio De Minicis

Artist and designer

Fabio de Minicis was born in Argentina in 1968, where he studied Fine Arts at the Instituto Universitario Patagónico de las Artes (IUPA), followed by three years of architecture studies in the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Without leaving the world of art and design, later he came into contact with the field of decoration, restoration and reuse of furniture, and began to contribute to Mendoza Decora magazine. Since 2002, he has been resident in Barcelona, where he continues his work, centring on recycling objects and old paintings and remodelling houses, as well as developing other projects that combine the disciplines of design, decoration, construction, art, photography and the digital world. His works, made of recycled objects and materials, are geared towards decoration. Typography, a mixture of formats and the use of light and shade are the tools De Minicis uses in his everyday work to manifest his language and his personal aesthetic.

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