David de Ugarte

David de Ugarte (Madrid, 1970). Economist, technologist and entrepreneur committed to the new models of Economic Democracy. Founder and theoretician of the grupo ciberpunk español (1989-2007), and of the Sociedad Cooperativa de las Indias Electrónicas (2002) and the Grupo Cooperativo de los Exploradores Electrónicos (2008), with which he is working as a network analyst, product and new business line designer and traditional cook. An author of fiction in strange formats, he has written two novels in instalments for mobile phones: "Lía: MAD phreaker" (e-moción 2003-2004) and "Días de frontera" (e-moción 2002-2006). Author of the essays "11M: redes para ganar una guerra" (2004), "El poder de las redes" (2007) and "De las naciones a las redes" (2009). Director of the only collection of contemporary essays in Dominio Público, the collection Planta 29 of Ediciones el Cobre, which is also one of the few with profits.



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