Cécile Fontaine

(Réunion, France (1957))

Filmmaker and visual artist

Born in 1957 in south of France, grew up in a French oversea departement named « Ile de la Réunion » in the Indian Ocean ; studied art both in France (1975/1979) and in the United States (Boston 1980/1986) where she started making film in 1982 after taking an evening film class at Massachussetts College of Art then registering full time at School of Museum of Fine Arts, majoring cinema. Returned in France in 1986 and lives since then in Paris, teaching art fulltime in a primary school and making films.

Cécile Fontaine works with what can be called margins, the excluded parts of cinema, revindicating scratching, soaking, de-collage and so filmmaking passes as a primarily plastic activity, with almost no material resources, renewing at once with the first major steps of the Dadaists in their collage –principally in the works of Schwitters and especially the collage of Hannah Höch executed with a kitchen knife and the work of recycling or how to make art without having the air to have touched it.

Yann Beauvais (for Light Cone)

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