Bruce Bégout

Bruce Bégout (Talence, 1967), a philosopher and writer and one of France’s most eminent thinkers today, is a lecturer in Philosophy at the Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 University. Author of a monographic study on Husserl, Experience and Judgment: Investigations in a Genealogy of Logic (in Spanish, La genealogía de la lógica), he became internationally known with the publication of his book Zeropolis: The Experience of Las Vegas (in Spanish, Zerópolis, Anagrama, 2007), his essay on Las Vegas as an artificial city. Since then he has continued with his systematic analysis of the elements that shape urban life and everyday existence with the publication of Common Place: The American Motel (in Spanish, Lugar común: el motel norteamericano, Anagrama, 2008) and De la decència ordinària. Breu assaig sobre una idea fonamental del pensament polític de George Orwell (Edicions de 1984, 2013 – Common Decency: A Brief Essay on a Basic Idea in George Orwell’s Thought). He has just published Suburbia. Autour des villes (Éditions Inculte, 2013), while his novel Le ParK is about to appear in Spanish (Editorial Siberia, 2014).

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