Arturo Fuentes

Arturo Fuentes Calle (b. 1979)

Arturo Fuentes Calle is a graduate in Psychology with a master’s degree in Neuroscience from Barcelona University. He has also studied film and production.

His career as a visual artist started in 2007, with the backing of the Galeria Llucià Homs. Since then, his work has been awarded the Audiovisual Innovation Prize of Obra Social Caja Madrid, the Barcelona Visual Sound Public Prize and the LOOP-FAIR Public Prize, among others.

His work has been purchased for museums such as the New York Guggenheim, as well as by private collectors, and is featured in books such as BCNCREA (published by La Fabrica).

In 2011, he decided to combine his two passions, science and art, and embarked on a popular science project with an artistic approach, called “Sólo se mueven”. His intention is to continue researching and filtering part of this knowledge through art.


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