Agustí Pániker Vilaplana

(Barcelona, Spain, 1959)

Director of the Kairós publishing company, where he has worked since 1979.

He was co-director of the radio programme L'Hora de la Ciència on Catalunya Radio (1984-1985), and director of the magazine Ser uno mismo (1990-1991), dedicated to personal growth.

He has published El jainismo. Historia, sociedad, filosofía y práctica (2001), his first work, about the philosophical and religious tradition of Jainism in India. He is a regular contributor to different media -the magazine Altaïr, Catalunya Radio, etc.- and he regularly speaks at conferences about the Indian civilisation, Eastern religions and the anthropological expressions of different cultures. He has travelled extensively around the Indian continent -he is preparing a work about this particular region-, as well as Southeast Asia, the Far East, North Africa, Europe and the Americas.

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