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Hammershii - Dreyer Variations

Children's workshop for schools

Almost a century ago, Dreyer made his first film, inspired to a large extent by the paintings of Hammershøi. These workshops bring together the bodies of work of these two great artists in order to experiment with film editing.


The participants will start by observing the paintings in the exhibition and accompanying them with a variety of sounds. They will then go on to create their own stories by mounting their chosen paintings and putting a soundtrack to them. This will show them how to experiment with the way images change when placed together and how they are affected by duration, and, above all, to discover the power of transformation of sound, which gives life to painting, suggests stories and conveys emotions.

Participants will use the selected paintings to create their own personal catalogue of the painter's work.

Information about the schools' workshop:
Starting on 20 February
Pupils aged between 10 and 18.


Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
With the collaboration of
A Bao A Qu