6.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.

Internet Universe (3) // City

Internet Universe aims is to offer a global view of the phenomenon, an understanding of the new system that is emerging in order to offer tools to the teachers of children who were born digital natives. In this session we will focus on the social networks, offering a critical and constructive view.

6:00 p.m. // Social networks: risks and potentials for children and teenagers. Jordi Bernabeu.

Why are the social networks so attractive to children and teenagers? What do they provide them with? How do they affect, in positive and negative terms, their interpersonal relations and the creation of their own identity? Have the social networks changed the concept of privacy? In what sense? Where is the boundary between the real and the virtual world? How can we detect or prevent addiction? Is it possible to make good use of the social networks?

Social networks can reinforce a series of positive values such as cooperation and teamwork and favour the development of collective intelligence. Unfortunately, inadequate use of them can produce isolation, autistic tendencies, addiction dynamics, a devaluation of the concept of friendship and can lead to the user confusing the physical world with the virtual world.

Knowing more about the functioning of social networks will help us to encourage a healthier use of them.

6:30 p.m. // Workshop “The social networks as a tool for the construction of an aware and participative citizen”. Jordi Bernabeu, Isidre Plaza and Senén Roy.

Internet is a network of networks; it cannot be understood without its social dimension. Technology must help the pupils of this century to extract all the collective intelligence that can help them to develop in a global world.

This workshop will show, in a practical way, how the social networks can give new meaning to the public space and the common good, and how they can transform democracy and active participation in the political sphere in all of their representations (for example: How can they encourage participation in school government?). In short, how the social networks can help us to become more committed citizens.