The Exhibition Space (1st course)

This is the first postgraduate on The Exhibition Space organized by the UPC School and the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.


The purpose of the course is to train specialists in exhibition design by developing all the contexts affecting this field, from the design to the physical construction of the project. It is aimed at graduates in the fields of architecture, industrial, graphic and interior design, fine arts, history of art, museology and museography, and professionals who are interested or involved in the world of exhibitions and assembly.

Taking part in the sessions will be renowned professionals specialising in contemporary exhibition space, who will present debates that will be featured in the press and the art world.

This postgraduate course is designed by three directors presenting complementary viewpoints: The Architectural Viewpoint, represented by Arnaldo Basadonna, architect and lecturer; The Structural Viewpoint, represented by Mario Corea, engineer and member of the CCCB's in-house montage team, and The Artistic Viewpoint, presented by Paco Pérez Valencia, painter, museographer and Director of Espacio Escala (Col·leccio Cajasol).

200 hours of vocational training



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Imatge video informatiu


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