On TVE’s La 2 channel, first broadcast: Saturday night/Sunday morning of 28 June at 1:30

The programme will then be available for viewing on this website, and on RTVE a la carta.

Duration: 29 min.

SOY CÁMARA. El programa del CCCB (38) - I’m a camera – The CCCB’s programme

Pioneering women in the cinema: on the fringe of the industry

Broadcast on TVE’s La 2 channel, Saturday 28 June at 1:30

The programme looks at the work of some pioneering women in the cinema and their technical and narrative contributions, and maps some of the leading women filmmakers in experimental and documental cinema in interviews with Glòria Vilches (Xcèntric, the CCCB’s cinema), Sesi Bergeret (l’Alternativa), Marta Selva and Anna Solà (Women’s Film Festival), Imma Merino and Elena Oroz. The programme is divided into five thematic blocks: Pioneers, The female unconscious, Another room of one’s own, Breaching the role of women, and The documentary gaze, and is based on in-house activities at the CCCB in dialogue with the project www.pioneresdelcinema.cat.


Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Televisión Española