"Punto y Raya Junior"

Punto y Raya sets out to reconsider exactly what artistic expression is and uses these great minimums as ends in themselves, inviting creators and spectators to experiment with them in their purest state: form, colour, movement, tension and sound. In the spirit of “Art for Art’s sake”, Punto y Raya is organizing this unique, untransferable exploration that only abstraction can address in all its dimensions.

Punto y Raya Junior aims to sensitize younger creators to the importance of economy of resources, and is joining forces with Alehop! to run the Sostenible! programme, proposing recycling and interdisciplinary collaboration techniques in the form of workshops and other activities.

The first abstract festival for children will take place on 10 and 11 November at the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), and admission is free of charge. To produce contents for the festival, we are now organizing abstract creation workshops for kids in the following disciplines:

• film and animation

• the visual arts

• music and sound art

• installation

• VJ and live cinema

• performance art and dance

The institutions hosting the project are Biblioteques de Barcelona, Centres Cívics de Barcelona, Fundació Francisco Godia and MACBA, among others.

Registration is now open for many of these workshops! If you’d like to take part, visit our website.

 All the info at www.puntoyrayafestival.com