Thursday 19 February, 20:00

Small Country, Creative Superpower: Estonian Animation

How can we define the animation cinema of a country that serves as a balcony between Eastern and Western Europe, one as small as the Netherlands and over which the Danish, Polish, Swedish and Soviet flags once flew, until its independence in 1991? Benefiting from the strong tradition (and protection) of animation in the East and with a critical, humorous view of the European consumer society, the latest generations of Estonian animators have created an incomparably excellent cocktail. With Priit Pärn and Mati Kütt as maestros, Estonian animation scripts in the past few years make abundant use of absurd situations, but do not, however, delve into the territory of political commentary nor go as far as commenting on the human condition.

Tähe mõrsja (Star's Bride), Kalju Kivi. Estonia, 1984, 9 min., 35 mm
Nööbi odüsseia (The Button's Odyssey), Mati Kütt. Estonia, 2002, 18 min., 35 mm
Elutuba (The Living Room), Rao Heidmets. Estonia, 1994, 10 min., 35 mm
Maraton (Marathon), Kaspar Jancis. Estonia, 2006, 15 min., 35 mm
1895, Priit Pärn and Janno Põldma. Estonia, 1995, 30 min., 35 mm


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