East West

"The concept East-West represents much more than what our eyes permit us to see. Only the sum total of our senses enables us to approach two worlds which are apparently so distant and different. The collective imagination takes us back to cultures that, for thousands of years, have evolved in different directions. However, it is notoriously impossible today to find a clear differentiating line. The West has exported its way of life and customs all over the world; its culture penetrates the East in such a way that, whichever way you look at it, the confluence of expectations for the future is obvious. In the same way, the East has become present in our daily lives in many ways: spirituality, culture, sports, food, technology...

As in a game of mirrors, we have seen ourselves reflected in many stories. Actors and spectators in a multipolar world where the imagination has been captured in 50 hours of video recordings and thousands of photographs, forming a mosaic, a puzzle that we are attempting to unravel."

Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco


With the collaboration of
Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
Other credits:
A production by M. Arbelo and J. Franco