Saturday 17th from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
Sunday 18th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm


CCCB family programmes

Nano is a CCCB activity for children and their families. It consists of a series of proposals organised according to themes of particular importance in today's world. Workshops, games, screenings, theatre, concerts, etc. conceived for children of the 21st Century.




Can you imagine a world without cars, motorbikes or other vehicles that use fossil fuels? In this space the protagonists are vehicles which move thanks to each individual's effort: a eulogy to the bicycle, the tricycle and "sneakers"!


From under the ground of the CCCB an island has emerged where, instead of flowers, all kinds of instruments grow. A space where everything makes a sound if you play it; a garden where you can learn that you do not have to be a musical virtuoso to make music and that anyone can enjoy it if they put their heart into it and listen hard.

With concerts by:

Guillamino, Petit comitè de RobinSons and Don Simón y Telefunken.


How do other animals see the world? What can we learn from the wonderful multitude of species we share this planet with? The inhabitants of this Zoo are virtual animals that teach us that humans are just one more animal among all the other creatures in a very big Universe.

Installations and activities:

• Video zoo
• Glow worm cave where we will find surprising music and stories by Agnès Agboton and Martha Escudero.
• Workshop ànima(L) by Anna Sadurní


In the Nano world there are cities that use energies that respect the environment. Their inhabitants work on allotments which grow with seeds that are their most priceless treasure, inherited from a culture that goes back many generations.

Installations and workshops

• City allotment
• Workshop Work your own allotment by TARPUNA


What do books, the cinema and video games have in common? The inhabitants of NANO love stories. They like to collect them, share them, change the endings, read them from all directions... touch them and play with them. The virtue of books and the creative and educational potential of video games and the cinema at your reach. At the Story Laboratory we will find a selection of books and video games and installations and workshops:

• Selection of books and video games
• Workshop Animo - by UTANI

Cinema which is different to others, with films ranging from videoclips to latest generation animations, showing what the future could be like.