Friday 28 November, 16:30

Mind Walk

112', 1990. Directed by Bernt Capra

An encounter between an ecology scientist (Liv Ullman), a poet (John Heard) and a politician (Sam Waterston) at Mont Saint Michel. Script by Fritjof Capra.


A US senator who once ran for presidency (Sam Waterston) visits his poet friend (John Heard) at Mont Saint-Michel in France. There, they meet an environmentalist scientist (Liv Ullman), who joins their discussion of paradigm changes in recent years. Script by Fritjof Capra, author of The Tao of Physics, The Science of Leonardo: Inside the Mind of the Great Genius of the Renaissance and The Hidden Connections: Integrating the Biological, Cognitive and Social Dimensions of Life Into a Science of Sustainability.
Open Science, Psi Particle
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