Monday 26 January, 19:00


Opening Lecture by Axel Honneth

Axel Honneth, philosopher and sociologist, director of the Institut für Sozialforschung (Institute for Social Research) at the University of Frankfurt. He has recently published Freedom’s Right: The Social Foundations of Democratic Life (published in Spanish as El derecho de la libertad. Esbozo de una eticidad democrática – Katz / Clave intelectual, 2014).

Presented by: Vicenç Villatoro, director of the CCCB.

Opening lecture of the series "Wield the Word", in which will also participate Saskia Sassen, Fina Birulés, Albert Lladó, Manel Ollé, Isabella Gresser, Bo Stråth, Luc Boltanski, Montserrat Guibernau, Peter Wagner and Seyla Benhabib.