Wednesday 22 October, 20:45

Jon Lee Anderson

Iraq: The War that Never Ends

Jon Lee Anderson has witnessed international confrontations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Uganda, Northern Ireland, Israel, Palestine and Bosnia among many other places. In K08 he will discuss a matter that he has already raised in his book The Fall of Baghdad: why does the Iraq war drag on?

In his talk, Anderson will warn about the risk that wars like the one in Iraq will last for a long time and will analyse the possible causes of a new situation: the non-existence of any deterrent force that can attenuate conflicts, for example political leadership and rigorous and consistent alliances. Anderson believes that this situation is urgent because we have now entered the final phase in the struggle for territory and the most sought-after resources.

Jon Lee Anderson thanks to the III José Couso Award, 2007.

J.L. Anderson talks about the state of Iraq four weeks after the American military operation began.