6.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m.

Internet Universe (4) // Planet

Internet Universe aims is to offer a global view of the phenomenon, an understanding of the new system that is emerging in order to offer tools to the teachers of children who were born digital natives. In recent years, the question has started to be raised as to whether the Internet is perhaps not as sustainable as it had been presented. What impact is the Internet having? How can it be minimised?

6:00 p.m. // The materialisation of the cloud and the ecological consequences of the Internet. Marcus Hurst.

Within a context of global ecological crisis, what is the environmental impact of the Internet? What is its material dimension? Can the Internet collaborate in creating a more sustainable world?

6:30 p.m. //Workshop “The ecological footprint of everyday use of the Internet”. Jordi Oliver.

This workshop will explore, in a practical and very graphic way, what the ecological footprint is of everyday actions that are carried out via the Internet.

Firstly, two parallel scenarios will be presented: in one, an action carried out via the Internet will be proposed (for example, sending an email) and in the other, its equivalent analogical action (sending a letter). Secondly, the main phases of the two processes will be identified and the ecological impact of each part of the process will be calculated. Next we will look at the global impact, which will allow a comparative evaluation.

The results obtained will be analysed to discover in which parts of the process the impact could be minimised and how this could be done. To finish, a reflection will be proposed on the paradoxical effect of the use of the Internet (increase in the sending of mail, increase in searches on Google, etc.) and why this occurs.