From Tuesday to Sunday from 11a.m. to 8p.m.
Closed on non-holiday Mondays

Installation Ubiquography

Capture, edit, post

"Ubiquography" is a group exhibition with the participation of over 500 artists that aims to make people think about what it is that defines iPhoneography (the new culture of photographic authorship): ubiquity (capture, edit, post) and immediacy (a person, a place, the whole world).

The authors selected by the curators capture, edit and post their photos using mobile devices, which can be seen instantly in the exhibition.

In the instant that another author anywhere in the world posts a new work, it immediately replaces the previous one.

This exhibition can be seen simultaneously at centres all over the world, illustrating the ubiquity and immediacy of iPhoneography.

"Ubiquography" is a participatory project. Register on the website and see the more than 30,000 works already posted: ubiquography.com