I+C+i #5 // 2.0: from interaction to co-creation

In 2010, the I+C+i session Institutions 2.0 reflected on the promise and dilemmas of 2.0 philosophies in cultural institutions and their potential as a driving force for change in cultural dynamics in general. This session will centre on the design, practical learning and case studies of participatory processes of varying degrees: from interaction with what used to be called “the public” to co-creation.


 Wednesday 14 September

10 a.m.-2 p.m. // Workshop: “Collaborative design for cultural institutions” (Part 1) Facilitators: Irene Lapuente, Ramon Sangüesa

Theoretical and practical workshop that integrates concepts, methods and techniques to develop projects of a participatory nature. It will comprise an introduction to the various levels of participation, work with design techniques based on the user and study paradigm cases, applying everything participants learn to projects of their own.


1. The participation scene: from interaction to co-creation. Motivations. Realities
Processes and methods. Putting an end to the identification of 2.0 with technology. Beyond 2.0 is not 3.0.
. Participation and innovation. From open innovation to P2P open design. Open process design. The spotlight on cultural institutions and their sector
Toolbox: from cultural prototyping to the emergence of projects
Group work


• Duration: the workshop lasts two days. Participant involvement begins a few days previously with an online platform.
• Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English, without translation
• Prior registration: send an e-mail to ici@cccb.org stating your name, profession, curriculum vitae and a short text explaining your motivation. The deadline for registration is 25 July.

 6.30-7 p.m. // Presentation of the activities and results of the morning’s workshop

 7-9 p.m. // Talks and debate with the public:

 • Wayne Labar: “The gyroscopic museum: technology, participation and museums” (Videoconference)
• Robert Ketner: “Online working methods: augmented reality, virtual worlds and participation”


Thursday 15 September

10 a.m.-2 p.m. // Workshop: “Collaborative design for cultural institutions” (Part 2)

Facilitators: Irene Lapuente, Ramon Sangüesa


1. Review of concepts in the light of the results of the previous day’s activities
2. Group work
3. Co-creation of results: next steps

 6.30-7 p.m. // Presentation of the activities and results of the morning’s workshop

7-9 p.m. // Presentation of initiatives:

• The CCCB’s 2.0 guide
• Presentation of the A+C+C study group: origins of the group and results of research

Take part and find out more at  http://www.cccb.org/icionline   and Twitter @cccblab and #cult20.


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