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Hipnotik Meeting 2008

Hip Hop Festival

Hipnotik Meeting, which will be held for the 5th time in 2008, is all about the culture of Hip Hop. Hipnotik will include a wide range of activities, open to anyone interested in participating: workshops, battle of the MCs, Break dance: Crew to crew, Playground Hipnotik, the 3rd video competition; hipnotik aktion, the 3rd photography competition: fotohipnotik, and a graffiti competition.Hipnotik Meeting is set to show, once again, that Hip Hop culture goes way beyond the same old clichés.


This year is the fifth anniversary of Hipnotik, with a really ambitious line-up to mark the occasion. The night stage will be hosting don't-miss concerts by Violadores del Verso, Tote King and Falsalarma, and for the first time the meeting includes the biggest break dance battle at international level: the Battle of the Year Ibèrica 08.


Produced by
Hipnotik Faktory
With the collaboration of
Centre de Cultura ContemporÓnia de Barcelona
Other credits:

With the collaboration of: CCCB, ICIC, ICUB, INAEM, SGAE, GONG DISCOS
Sponsored by: Red Bull, Montana Colors, X-Box.