Escena Poblenou: Course for Spectators

Vides de la ment

The session Vides de la ment (Lives of the mind) forms part of the Course for Spectators being organized by the Festival Escena Poblenou to offer an audience, professional or otherwise, the tools needed to approach contemporary performance languages.

On this occasion, Roberto Fratini, dramatist and dance theorist, sets out to contextualize (and, if possible, confound) prejudices that situate dance exclusively in the field of action, distancing it from abstract thought processes. This review therefore aims to underline the political significance of this art as a critique and diagnosis of reality.

Sònia Sánchez, a flamenco dancer with many years of experience in the world of dance, will be the guest artist presenting her project, which Roberto Fratini will use to illustrate tools of interpretation.

The complete Course for Spectators comprises five sessions, each at a different venue in Barcelona and dedicated to a discipline, and facilitated by a professional in the sector and a guest artist who presents their project. As a new feature this year, the Course for Spectators forms part of the free-choice credits at Barcelona University.