Sunday 18 January, 18:30

Art, the world: other Russian and Soviet films (1966-1996)

The "other" stories of Russian and Soviet cinema are subterranean and passionate for art and for filming the world: visitors contemplating Leonardo's Madonna Litta at the Hermitage; landscapes, ruins and the romantic look of the French painter Hubert Robert filmed by Sokurov; the visual universe of Paradjanov recreating his favourite artist and paintings (Hovnatian, Pirosmani); some kids contemplating -with fear, happiness and raptures- a puppet show. Faces, painters, paintings; the audience/the spectator, the artist, the filmmaker.

Vzgljanite Na lico (Look at the face), Pavel Kogan. 1968, 10 min, video
Robert. Schastlivaya zhizn (Hubert Robert, a fortunate life), Aleksandr Sokurov. Russia, 1996, 26 min, video
Hagop Hovnatian, Sergei Paradjanov. 1965, 10 min
Arabeski na tempu Pirosmani (Arabesque on Pirosmani), Sergei Paradjanov. 1986, 20 min, 35 mm
Veckas par 10 minutem (Ten minutes older), Herz Frank. 1978, 10 min, video


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