International Creative Recycling Festival

Drap'Art at the CCCB: market, round tables, shows and workshops. Drap-Art'07 takes a look at creative recycling in the form of eight sections. It continues the six sections included in Drap-Art'06: an exhibition of works made of waste materials (FAD gallery), interventions in public space (Plaça dels Àngels), spaces for reflection (Auditorium and Foyer), the traditional Christmas market (Foyer), participatory workshops (Foyer and Plaça dels Àngels) and shows (Foyer, Auditorium and C3Bar).


Drap Art Associaciķ
With the collaboration of
Centre de Cultura Contemporānia de Barcelona, Foment de les Arts Decoratives (FAD), Goethe-Institut Barcelona, Grupo Hera
Other credits:

With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya, Departments of Culture (EADC) and the Environment (ARC), Barcelona City Council, ICUB, Department of the Environment, Department of Youth Affairs, Secretariat for Immigration, Spanish Ministry of Culture.