Saturday 07 September, 20:00

Dramatized reading of the play "Calderón" by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Francoist Spain, in 1967. Rosaura, the main character, wakes up three times with no memory of her life. Pier Paolo Pasolini took his inspiration from the text Life is a Dream by Calderón de la Barca to launch a fierce criticism of institutional power and the bourgeoisie.

Calderón is a provocative work of an absolutely contemporary intensity, despite being written in 1966/67.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zifS6DNkBDM&feature=share

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Director: Stefania Troise
Assistant director: Valentina Ambrosio, Marie Junient, Ludovica Zoina
Lighting: Antonio Curcio
Sound: Ivano Palatucci & Daniel G
Costumes: Dorota Dudzik
Musical coordination: Franck Kifpercu
Video: Andrea Lepore
Actors: Arnau Armengol, Maddalena Basevi, Raissa Brighi, Emiliano Brioschi, Francesca Romana degl’Innocenti, Adrià Font, Steven Forti, Roberto David García Suárez, Stefania Troise, Emilio Vacca
Music: Alessio Arena, Aurora Arenare, Cristian Carrasco

Sponsored by the Institut Italià de Cultura de Barcelona, TremendaTrampa and La Llibreria Italiana Le Nuvole, in collaboration with the CCCB, Rai Art and Amagat