Autum Concerts 2010 - Orquestra de Cambra Catalana

The Spanish Musical Exile in Argentina

This programme brings together, alongside Manuel de Falla, composers who rose to eminence in their home cities as important composers, giving the music scene a new lease of life. A common denominator for all was a war that interrupted their personal and artistic lives in the country of their birth, which they then continued in exile in Argentina. This was the case of Jaume Pahissa in Barcelona, Julián Bautista in Madrid and Montserrat Campmany, born in Barcelona and trained in Buenos Aires.


Jaume Pahissa (1880-1969) Cantata en la tuma de García Lorca

Julían Bautista (1901-1961) Tres Ciudades

Montserrat Campamany (1901-1995) Firulete, 6 canciones infantiles

Manuel de Falla (1889-1945) Psyché

Manuel de Falla
El amor brujo (versió 1915)

Presentation byJorge de Persia

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