Thursday 31 January, 20:00

Museum Films II: The MACBA Collection

The early days of video: the day a camera was taken into an artist’s studio not only provided a reflective, narcissistic gaze, as Rosalind Krauss has said, it also discovered a time of its own—genuine, expanded and with no restrictions whatsoever. Four titles provide an introduction to the key decade around which the MACBA Collection is constructed. Presented by Carles Guerra, chief conservator at the MACBA and programmer of this session.

Pulling Mouth, Bruce Nauman, 1969, 11 min; Marcel Broodthaers. Musée d’art du XVIIe siècle, Jef Cornelis, 1969, 5 min; Not I, Samuel Beckett, 1972, 12 min; John Baldessari Sings Lewitt, John Baldessari, 1972, 13 min [video screening].