Friday 25 March, 17:00

Bookcamp 2011 advice: Intellectual property and Creative Commons

The copyright management of a work, either digital or analogue, has not been the same since the foundation of Creative Commons (CC) in 2002.  Since then, a work subject to any of the CC licenses can now be reused by the public, that is to say, by anyone, but under certain conditions. Two years after the foundation of CC, over 1 million works had been associated to one of the CC licenses and by 2008, there were over 130 million.

With the boom of the new reading formats and the appearance of digital devices, the topic of royalties and copyright is once again in the spotlight. Is the traditional system of authorship obsolete? Are the new free licenses the future of publishing? In order to learn all the details on new methods of copyright management, the BookCamp will assign a special area to advice, where the representative of Creative Commons Espanya, Ignasi Labastida, will answer all queries from the participants.