Xcèntric Archives & Your Lost Memories

In collaboration with the Your Lost Memories project (www.yourlostmemories.com), a virtual office that collects found films to return them to their original owners, the Xcèntric Archive and Boogaloo Films are appealing to everyone to take part by placing, in the mail box situated in the Xcèntric Archive, any home movies you’ve found at flea markets, in skips or in second-hand shops, etc., to reunite the original owners with their lost memories.

Your Lost Memories website also sets out to share its holdings with filmmakers and editors interested in using and showcasing found footage. All found material and re-edits are available for consultation on the website, where you can view guest cuts by well-known filmmakers such as Isabel Coixet, Isaki Lacuesta and Kike Maíllo, among others.



Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Boogaloo films