Monday 14 February, 19:30


At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day isn’t a public holiday. But we’ve had a better idea: giving it a screamingly funny, counter-cultural cabaret twist. This is the programme: a collective, spontaneous open-mike reading of bad or very bad love poems + two performances about the other face of Cupid, with lots of humour and tongue-in-cheek. Soldier of love, choose the sentimental poem or song lyric that most infuriates you, get up on stage and unleash the revolution of passion!

With the participation
of Mistress Basia - Jordi Boldú - José Antonio Delgado aka ANAMOR, presenting the performance “¡Yo sólo quiero a márketing, Baby!” - Eduard Escoffet – Pere Faura - Lorraine Gallard – Sebastià Jovani - Robert Juan-Cantavella – Guillermo Hernáiz - Eloy Fernández Porta. Performance by €®O$ SESSION - Llucia Ramis - Jesús Ramos - Jaime Rodríguez Z. & Gabriela Wiener - Evripidis Sabatis - Martí Sales - Blanca Llum Vidal… and yourself.

Coordination Álex Brahim