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Freedom or evil

Until 15 October


The Pieces Speak

The exhibition "Sade.Freedom or Evil" as seen by 7 UPF master’s degree students

4 June

Gonzalo Torné and Lucía Lijtmaer

From public morality to cancellation

Writer Gonzalo Torné, author of La cancelación y sus enemigos, speaks with writer Lucía Lijtmaer, author of Ofendiditos, about cancel culture.

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Colson Whitehead: “There’s this whole secret city that’s being built when everyone else is asleep”

Albert Forns

We talked to the American writer about New York City and the stories that unfold there.

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The Improper

A setting for encounter, conversation, reading and the imagination that will be open during the exhibition “Sade: Freedom or Evil”.
Tuesday to Sunday, until 1 October

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La Comiquera

A comic-book creation space for all agesA space open to visitors where you can draw, join in workshops, browse books and fanzines, have fun with the family or take a break during your visit to the CCCB.
From Friday to Sunday, until 18 June

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