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Visits and activities for group and schools

Via this page you can find out which activities the CCCB offers for groups and make your booking request. These activities are designed for school groups of varying educational levels, socio-educational groups, groups with special needs and groups of adults.

Applications for activities at accessible prices for charity and social services groups, with people at risk of social exclusion or vulnerability, should be made via the Apropa Cultura website. We also have the Alzheimer Programme, aimed at people affected by Alzheimer’s disease and their family members and carers.

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2023 2024 ACADEMIC YEAR / Photo creation workshop

Look, photograph, read ... the city!

Throughout one morning, inspired by viewing photographs of reference authors and reading literary texts, participants create their own photographic projects, combining word and photography.

Rada Akbar: lecture for secondary students

Voices That Resound in Art

In this talk, the artist and photographer Rada Akbar denounces the situation of women in Afghanistan and stresses their role in the country’s history.

Guided tour for "Artificial Intelligence" exhibition

The guided visit aims to establish a conversation to connect the people who attend the visit with the reflection intended by the artistic pieces and objects present in the room.

Gastón Core i Mònica Miró: lecture for secondary students

The Power of Poetry: From the Iliad to Rap

In this talk, the choreographer and performer Gastón Core and the expert in classical culture Mònica Miró will ponder the power of the word in the piece “Before Nightfall”, which offers a re-reading of the Iliad from a contemporary point of view.

David Farrier: lecture for secondary students

Fossils of the Future

In this talk, David Farrier, Professor of Literature and the Environment, imagines our everyday life as a fossil of the future in his book Footprints: In Search of Future Fossils (in Spanish, Huellas. En busca del mundo que dejaremos atrás, Crítica, 2021).

Lluís Nacenta: lecture for secondary students

AI and Creativity

Sold out.

On the occasion of the Artificial Intelligence exhibition at the CCCB, the researcher Lluís Nacenta describes some of the questions raised by artificial intelligence in the debate about creativity.

Louise Amoore: lecture for secondary students

Responsible Algorithms?

What will be the impact of the political use of algorithms? Louise Amoore analyses the biases and lack of transparency in the use of artificial intelligence and, accordingly, the new ethical paradigm that confronts us.

Fina Birulés: lecture for secondary students

Thinking about the World from Philosophy

Sold out.

The philosopher Fina Birulés, citing Hannah Arendt and other renowned thinkers, upholds the role of philosophy as a place from which to understand and act in the world.