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Shared Cities 2016

Pilsen / DEPO2015

The exhibition of the last European Prize for Urban Public Space, “Shared Cities, 2016”, will be open to the public until 20 September as part of the Pilsen Landscape Festival 2017 in the Czech Republic. An initiative of the Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera in Prague, the exhibition is being shown in the DEPO2015 a former bus station which—thanks to the Pilsen 2015 European Capital of Culture project—has now been converted into a cultural and co-working space which supports the city’s creative industries.

Now in Pilsen, in western Bohemia, this is the Fifth Landscape Festival, which is held in different cities of the Czech Republic. With a programme of debates, conferences, workshops and exhibitions, the Festival aims to constitute a platform for discussion about the possibilities offered by perception of surroundings, with particular attention to in situ installations by artists and architects.

The exhibition “Shared Cities 2016” brings together the award-winning projects of the last European Prize for Urban Public Space, which is organised every two years with the aim of recognising and making known works of creation, recovery and improvement of public spaces in European cities. On this occasion, the twenty-five finalists will be shown, these including the two prize-winning interventions and the four Special Mentions. This was the first year the Prize conceded a Special Recognition category, in this case for the city of Copenhagen in order to recognise its policies in favour of public space.

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