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Grec. Festival de Barcelona

Grec 2021

This summer, the CCCB once again provides one of the venues for Barcelona’s Grec Festival, this year celebrating its 45th edition under the thematic title “Close to Home”, inspired by Africa.

The CCCB will be hosting PI(È)CE: Scrapbook 2021, a community creation offering from Teatre Tantarantana; Dale recuerdos XXXVI (Je pense à vous), a show by Didier Ruiz based on the testimony of elderly African migrants; and Legacy, a dance piece by Côte d’Ivoire choreographer Nadia Beugré about gender injustice.

In addition, the CCCB is launching the “Urban Nature” project, a walk-through film by Rimini Protokoll, a performative installation that will transform the way the public views life in cities.

This activity is part of Grec. Festival de Barcelona

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