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Xavier Bassas

Xavier Bassas is a philosopher, translator and editor. He has PhDs in French Philology and Philosophy from the Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV) and the University of Barcelona where he presently teaches in the Department of French Studies. His works are docused on the relationship between language, politics and esthetics, and the translation of the works of contemporary French thinkers for various publishers. He is a specialist of the work of J. Rancière, J. Derrida and J.-L. Marion, and he has written and translated multiple works of these authors. He was co-director of the Jornades Filosòfiques de Barcelona. With the Institut Français he coordinated the Nuit des Idées 2018 on May of '68. He co-directed the series "Ensayo" at Ellago publishers and currently he directs the series "Pensamiento Atiempo" from Casus Belli publishers. He has recently published the monograph Jacques Rancière. L’assaig de la igualtat (Gedisa, 2017, in Spanish 2019) and a dialogue with J. Rancière titled El litigio de las palabras. Diálogo sobre la política del lenguaje (NED ediciones, 2019).

Update: 9 December 2019


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