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Taller Estampa

Studio for interactive, audiovisual and graphic design projects.

Taller Estampa is a studio founded in the year 2006 that works on interactive, audiovisual and graphic design projects. Its interests focus on working with data and their critical appropriation, on new forms of web interactives, on the expressive possibilities of disused technologies and on experimental animation. In the interactive field, some of its most recent works are Speech Success (2015, and Atles Visual dels Centres de Creació de Catalunya (2013, Convocatòria Xarxaprod, X-Online). The studio has also undertaken projects for the Master’s Degree in Theory and Practice of the Creative Documentary of the UAB, Caixafòrum, the CCCB and RTVE, among others.

Update: 1 April 2017



Anna Pacheco, Efraín Foglia, Felipe G. Gil, Irene Solà, Jorge Carrión, Libby Heaney, Liliana Arroyo, Maria Cabrera i Taller Estampa

Has participated in

Kosmopolis 2019

10th Amplified Literature Fest

Kosmopolis 2017

9th Amplified Literature Fest