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Samantha Hudson

Samantha stepped into the limelight during her sixth year of high school in 2015 when, as part of her Audiovisual Culture course, she was set the task of making a video clip. Off her own bat, she wrote and recorded an original song with music video to boot, which she uploaded on YouTube, causing such a media sensation that it almost got her expelled. The song in question protested against the humiliation and abuse committed against the LGBT community by the Catholic Church through an absurd melody and lyrics full of sarcasm.

After a brief period in Barcelona, Samantha left the city in 2018 to move to Madrid and continue to evolve as a performer. Since then, Ms Hudson has graced countless stages all over Spain and has no plans to stop.

Transvestite, singer, top model, philanthropist, mother by nature and consolidated homosexual. All these facets (and many more) are what make Samantha Spain’s most well-loved B-series girl.


Update: 5 November 2021


Has participated in

Inauguration of the Classics Festival

Metamorphoses. The Myth of Identity

Memefest 2021

A celebration of digital folklore and humour on the Internet