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Samantha Hudson

Samantha Hudson began as a naïve high-school assignment but she has since become an ambitious music project that plays with gender, sex, and free-expression paradigms. She is also a true cross-generational icon. Hudson began in 2015 aged only 15 and still living with her folks. It was then that she made the song “Maricón” (Queer). It put her on a par with Madonna as, like the latter, Hudson was ex-communicated by the Catholic Church. Since 2019, she has released four albums and has gone from performing in the most-underground clubs to huge theatres, big clubs, and international festivals.

Live she is a wild animal with four successful tours that turned her into one of the rising stars in today’s music scene, appealing to different generations. She also became a significant figure for all young people in Spain. She has been given awards on different occasions: to give just a few examples: by the Spanish Ministry of Equality for her fight for LGBTI rights, as part of the TikTok prizes, and in the Premios Ídolo (Ídolo Awards) – for the content she created for her social networks.

In May 2023 she released AOVE, a new album of electronic music that brings back rave culture and “máquina” (techno and trance).



Update: 12 September 2023


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