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Rebecca Solnit

She is a writer, historian and activist, particularly committed to feminist and environmental causes. Since the 1980s, Solnit has worked on numerous human rights campaigns, as well as with anti-war activists during George Bush's presidency. She has written twenty books on feminism, the history of Western culture and Native Americans, people power, social change, insurrection movements and natural disasters, among other topics. Throughout her career as a writer she has received multiple awards and grants such as the Kirkus Prize for Nonfiction (2018) or the Guggenheim Fellowship, and in 2010 she was recognized by Reader Magazine as "one of the 25 visionaries who are changing the world". She is a contributor to Harper's Magazine and The Guardian, and publishes regularly on the political discussion blog Tom Dispatch and Literary Hub. Her books include A Field Guide to Getting Lost (Viking, 2005—translated by Angle /Captain Swing, 2016), a publication that popularized the neologism «mansplaning» which refers to the condescension and paternalism with which many men treat women in intellectual conversations; and Recollections of My Nonexistence (Viking, 2020 —translated by Angle/Lumen, 2021), a tour of her youth and her beginnings in activism and writing. His latest work is Orwell's Roses (Viking Press, 2021 —translated by Angle and Lumen, 2022), where he dives into the legacy of the author of 1984 to rescue a previously unknown facet.

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Rebecca Solnit

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