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Pere Puigdomènech

(Barcelona, 1948), is a research fellow at the Consell Superior d’Investigacions Científiques (CSIC – Advanced Centre for Scientific Research) of the Centre d’Investigació en Agrigenòmica (CRAG – Centre for Research in Agrigenomics). Specialising in the molecular biology of plants, he is an expert on issues concerning security in the consumption of genetically modified vegetables. He has a degree in Physics from the University of Barcelona, a Ph.D. in Science from the Montpellier and another in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has published numerous popular science articles for a range of national and international newspapers and reviews. He is a member of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies and of the National Biosecurity Commission besides being president of the CSIC Ethics Committee. He was awarded the Generalitat (Government) of Catalonia Narcís Monturiol Medal for Scientific and Technological Merit (1992) and the Catalan Research Foundation Prize in 2000.

Update: 3 June 2017


Has participated in

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