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Pepe Barguñó

´A serial entrepreneur in different sectors with a common denominator: sustainability. He is the founder of Thinking MU and 03AM in the textile sector, El Brot and Mercat Local in the food sector and Hemp Ecosystems in the bioconstruction system. A sociologist and botanist by training, he has specialised in textile production and has worked as director of innovation at Natura and as product director at Sybilla, with whom he founded the Fabrics for Freedom foundation. In 2007 he created Intrépida MU, the first ecological and fair trade brand in Spain, and the seed of what from 2011 to today has been Thinking MU. Today he continues to be a partner of the projects mentioned, but on a daily basis he works on two textile projects Thinking MU and 03AM. He also founded the family NGO Ghana Una Sonrisa, a project for self-sustainable rural orphanages in Ghana.

Thinking MU is a women and men’s clothing brand that produces 100% of its collections from 100% ecological or recycled natural fibres and all of whose production processes take place under fair trade criteria, sharing productions between developing countries with just relations in the long term and local productions to try to rescue the local textile industry fabric. He is also professor in entrepreneurship and brand creation at La Akademia and at the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design).

Update: 28 August 2017

Has participated in

Eco-fashion: Towards the Sustainability of Fashion